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Urban Food Policy Forum: Practicing Food Democracy: Translating Ideas into Action

  • CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy 55 W 125th St, 7th floor New York, NY 10027 (map)

Food democracy is central to the advancement of equitable, healthy, and sustainable urban food systems.  In a Food Democracy all members of the agro-food system have equal and effective opportunities to design, operate, and participate in its stewardship. But what does it mean to practice food democracy?  And how can food policy advocates connect to democracy activism in other sectors?  How can we strengthen and expand opportunities for practicing food democracy in NYC and elsewhere? What tools, processes, competencies, and alliances do we need to increase citizen involvement in policymaking processes?  How can communities typically absent from the table gain a voice and a seat that will make food policy decisions fairer? On February 28, join the CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute and invited experts to explore these and other key questions.



Learn more about the CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute: cunyurbanfoodpolicy.org

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