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Global Partnerships

New York City has a long history of innovation in the development of nutrition programs and food policy. How can the lessons from the City's policy initiatives be applied in other cities experiencing similar problems? What can New York City learn from the food policies of cities and countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Mexico,  the United Kingdom, and elsewhere? Institute faculty and staff cultivate relationships with academic partners all over the world, and are currently exploring several projects.  Currently, Institute faculty are affiliated with the Centre for Excellence in Food Security at the University of Western Cape in South Africa and are planning collaborative projects with the Centre for Food Policy at the City University of London.  Institute faculty have studied the role of municipal policies in reducing the prevalence and inequalities in child obesity in New York City, London, Cape Town, Shanghai and Lisbon (see our publications page for reports on these studies).  With colleagues at the Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities in Scotland, we are looking at the role of the media in framing public health debates about the tobacco, food and alcohol industries.  Finally, with an international consortium of investigators from Australia, South Africa, India, Brazil, Canada and the US, we are developing studies to assess the impact of global food corporations on the health of their consumers and workers, and the environment.